Mario Kart 64 (U/NTSC) Cup Customizer v0.5

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This Mario Kart 64 Cup Customizer was created by Triclon.

Cup course locations in ROM originally found by Rena Kunisaki (also known as HyperHacker), translated to RAM by Triclon. Start on lap modifier also by Rena.

Courses per cup code generalizes the all cups tour code created by Sean Sullivan:

Version history:

v0.5 (August 19, 2019) - Added ability to modify battle courses and ability to use those slots for up to a 20 course cup. Added ability to set number of laps per course.
v0.4 (May 12, 2019) - Added buttons to return to the default course set and to randomize the courses.
v0.3 (May 12, 2019) - Fixed incompatibility with Firfox.
v0.2 (May 12, 2019) - Added ability to change number courses per cup.
v0.1 (May 12, 2019) - First version. Allows you to modify the courses for each cup.